The Bluebell Inn. A proper pub, warmly welcoming, friendly, cosy and so much more.
The Bluebell Inn. A proper pub, warmly welcoming, friendly, cosy and so much more. 

November's Gin offer

We're picked some gins from Wales for you to try - 

ECCENTRIC GIN based in the cellars of a building which has stood in Llantrisant for over 200 years. The Gins are distilled with the aid of a natural spring rising beneath the stone floors of the washroom. Llantrisant is well known as the home of Dr William Price, an Eccentric who legalised Cremation, practiced Druidism and believed in Free-Love!

PENDERYN DISTILLERY in the Brecon Beacons National Park.  Penderyn were the first to make Welsh whisky, Distilling in Wales was a lost art but in the late 1990’s, a group of friends set about establishing the first whisky distillery in Wales in over a century.  While waiting for their ‘Welsh gold’ to mature, they set about creating gin.

DA MHILE FARMHOUSE GIN made in the Southwest of Wales in Llandysul.  Pronounced da-vee-lay, it is Gaelic for two thousand, Da Mhile created a spectacular and organic drink to commemorate the new millennium.


 CARDIFF DRY GIN 37.5% Eccentric

Interestingly the gin lacks any citrus but retains dry and sour qualities from the use of pine reserves such as rosemary and sorrel, balanced with spicy caraway and fennel seeds. There’s native juniper grown on the common in Llantrisant and the Sacred Celtic Botanical 'Wild Sunflower' also known as 'Elfwort', or 'Marchalan' in Welsh. Perhaps the new Aperitif Gin of the World?


With a mix of 20 organic botanicals, from the old favourites juniper and coriander to some interesting and home-grown treats like red and white clover, gorse and chamomile, Da Mhile distillery have created a unique, small batch gin.

There’s subtle fresh rose petals, peppery cloves and a hint of juniper. The initial palate is floral with bitter, fresh notes of dandelion and peppery cloves. A superb botanical mouth-feel finished by intense juniper tones and peppermint cool.


Seaweed Gin, is made with a variation on their small batch gin, and then infused with seaweed from the Newquay coast for three weeks to impart a coastal character (and also imparts a very subtly green hue). Before it's bottled, Da Mhile Seaweed Gin is triple filtered. It was designed to compliment seafood, which is rather interesting, should we crack out the oysters? 

Seaweed Gin makes a great G&T


There are two “Brecon” gins that are made by Penderyn. One is called Brecon Special Reserve Gin, the other Brecon Special Botanicals Gin (No, not a typo - Botanicals with an 's') 

They are two separate beasts and both deserving of equal attention.  The Botanical Gin has long been a favourite of ours, but now we’re trying the Special Reserve

Complex with juniper and earthy notes, warm and spiced. 


A       Gorgeously heady mix of Blue Ginger and Citrus with Tarragon, Seville Orange and Orris.

         Rested in Red Burgundy French oak casks to develop a smooth texture

         gently aromatic and warming.  The oak casks leave a subtle peach colour which varies with each batch. 

         That's craft .....



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